Winter Brussel Sprout Salad

This year most of my family and friends are staying in the UK for Christmas which I am super excited about but it also makes me realize that it's about time to start testing this year Christmas menu. I love this vegan warm winter salad - it's so filling yet easy and quick to prepare and I am sure that even meat eaters will enjoy it.  

You just need:

350g Brussels sprouts 
1 red onion, sliced
1 green apple
1 orange 
30g hazelnuts 
Olive oil 
1tbs tahini 
1tbsp red wine vinegar 
1tsp agave syrup 
2 Quorn Five Grain Fillets
Salt and pepper

To make the dressing, squeeze the juice of one orange into a small bowl. Mix in the tahini, red wine vinegar, agave syrup and two table spoons of olive oil, then season to taste and set aside.

Trim bottom of brussel sprouts. Cut them in quarters and wash them to remove any dirt. Bring a large pot of lightly salted water to boil, add the brussel sprouts and cook for two minutes.

Add olive oil to the pan and heat over medium heat. Add onion and cook, stirring often, until soft. Next, add the brussel sprouts and the apple and cook everything for a few minutes stirring or tossing occasionally.

Add the hazelnuts, salt and pepper to taste.

We served it with Quorn Five Grain fillets cut in stripes.


Growing Up in London #1 - Discover Children's Story Centre

I LOVE exploring London and having a little one opens up a new spectrum of possibilities and unlocks so many new places in the city. I don't have to borrow other people's children anymore to enjoy and visit places I always wanted to. 

And since I have always been and still am a big fan of children's literature we decided to visit Discover Children's Story Centre in Stradford. It took us over one hour to get there from West London so it's fair to say the expectations were pretty high. 

We booked the tickets a day before and we paid £13 for all of us as children under two can enter the place for free. I found the cost very reasonable as everything was already included in its price. The place looks mesmerizing and magical. There are lots of books, art and crafts, dressing up costumes and puppets to feed children's imagination. We booked the story telling sessions and we both loved it! The storyteller was great and very engaging. I was a bit in doubt whether an eight month baby will find it attractive enough to sit still for 15 minutes but the show was perfect for his short attention span. We finished our trip in the cafe and drank one of the best coffees I have recently had! We will be definitely back soon!

More information about the place you can find on their website: Discover Children's Story Centre



I feel like I've been repeating myself over and over again, but just in case someone hasn't heard that yet, The V&A is my favourite museum in London, to which I have been hundreds of time, so imagine my amazement when, while surfing on the internet, I accidentally discovered that it's also a home to the world's oldest museum restaurant with beautiful and majestic period rooms. 

Located just behind the main courtyard, the place welcomes museum goers with three different tea rooms, Morris, Gamble and Poynter. Apparently, they look almost the same as in the mid-nineteenth century when they were first opened. High vaulted ceilings, tiled walls, stained glass and ceramic pillars reflect the taste of Victorian era.

The cafe offers a nice selection of hot and cold dishes, salads, sandwiches and pastries. The choice for vegans is unfortunately pretty limited (didn't find any sweet vegan options) but the stuffed sweet potato that you can see below was delish!

photos of me and Filip were taken by Agata Kozak


Vegan London #1 // Ethos, Fitzrovia

I pretty often receive comments and messages in which I am asked to recommend places in London where you can find yummy vegan food so I almost feel like I am on a mission (a very pleasurable mission I have to admit!) to try a lot of different options London offers.

Two weeks ago, me and my friend Natalia went to Ethos Restaurant, which is located on Eastcastle Street, just off Oxford Street. It's a vegetarian self-service buffet with plenty of  vegan options and a pay-by-weight concept that specializes in diverse dishes from around the world. 

I paid over £14 for my plate which I found a bit expensive but the food I chose was very delicious and flavorful. A bit lukewarm but I didn't mind that. Everything was clearly labelled thus much easier for people with specific dietary requirements and allergies. The service was also brilliant. We were served by a lovely and very attentive person. I loved the neutral interior with lots of plants. Surprisingly, they have a lot of vegan dessert options too but we were too full to be tempted to try one but I will be definitely back soon!

Thank you Natalia for great pictures of me and Filip and a lovely company!

Ethos, 48 Eastcastle Street, London W1