it is not all about the bag

shirt - primark,
jacket - topshop,
necklace - asos,
skirt - handmade,
bag - peter pilotto for kipling,
shoes - salt & pepper

28 komentarzy:

  1. londyńska stylóweczka<3

    a ty gdzie sobie cykasz foty?

  2. a na mojej dzielni zazwyczaj xD :*

  3. Your skirt is so lovely! How did you manage to make it, i've been looking for a similiar one for ages!

    1. thanks:* I found the tutu midi skirt like this in Next for £7; I bought two of them to add some volume and then I stiched them together and finally shortened it; this is what I meant by hand made :-)

  4. Rewelacyjny zestaw!!
    Torba i kurtka to moi faworyci :)) naprawdę świetnie!
    Pozdrawiam :)

  5. Ej, no, świetne to wszystko - szalejesz:)

  6. thanks for commenting on my blog!:) I looked at yours and I LOVE it, definitely following!:) it would mean a lot if you could follow back maybe?:) love this outfit btw!:)xoxo

  7. I love the combinations of all the blues and blacks!

  8. sliczny zestaw!!!! piekny masz naszyjnik!!!!

  9. You commented on my blog and was really interested in checking yours out so I did. And now I'm following you! I love your outfits :) xo


  10. Your blog is epic, amazing style!!!!
    thanks for the follow
    many kisses swetie

  11. I enjoyed your blog, thanks for visiting mine.

  12. Really liked the colors of your outfit!! And your makeup looks great!!

  13. Kurtka genialna, to nowa kolekcja??

  14. dzieki! tak, kupiona z 2tyg temu z ich strony :)


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