The pictures were taken yesterday. I took the first opportunity to wear my new sweatshirt which I found under the Christmas tree. I love it so much! It's my first thing from Minkpink but I checked their website and found so much cool stuff that made me want to order some more...

One day passed and I am writing to you (while eating homemade muffins) from my hometown in Poland. We came here to spend New Year's Eve with our friends. It's so good to be home again! :-)

jacket, boots - topshop, sweatshirt - minkpink, shirt, skirt - monki, faux fur collar - asos;


Hi Guys! That's probably my last chance to do it here so I’d like to take this moment to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas! I hope you will have a wonderful time whether you spend it with family and friends or on your own!

coat, boots - asos, skirt, shirt, scarf - monki, - bag - topshop;


insta mix # part 9

1. Harrods; 2. selfie with a new fluffy ASOS scarf; 3. Topshop and its best socks; 4. with Riennahera in the underground; 5. Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park; 6. my fav winter nail polishes from Models Own; 7. Christmas gifts from Monki; 8. banana and choc vegan cookies; 9. our new family member - Diego; 10. ASOS Christmas hat; 11. London Underground bookmark; 12. at Madziara's; 13. my new fav spread; 14. ASOS sweatshirt; 15. Lime Crime lipstick (the best lipstick I've ever used) and new perfume;



coat - river island, top, skirt - monki, bag - zara, shoes - asos, turban - SANTA (asos);


coat, faux fur collar, boots, skirt - asos, bag - zara, top - topshop;

photos by Riennahera


coat - sh, bag, skirt, shoes - asos, scarf - h&m, top - monki;


I wanted to keep it simple at first but I wouldn't be myself if I didn't add something on top of it.

Have a nice Sunday Guys! :-)

zara - coat, faux fur collar - asos, jumper, skirt - topshop, shirt - monki, shoes - new look;


It's this time of the year when I can officially start being excited about Christmas. 

I'm leaving you with a few pictures that we took in Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park yesterday. If you haven't been there yet I MERRILY recommend that place. If  you don't like Christmas markets, all that food, holiday decorations, funfair, ice rinks and Christmas in general, you need to know that they still have lots of good mulled wine! :-)

coat - river island, scarf - vintage, skirt, shirt - monki, shoes - new look, hat - river island;


coat, skirt - asos, shirt - monki, shoes - topshop;

photos by Madziara


I'd been going around this coat for a while disputing with myself if I should buy another coat this season or not. Coats and jackets are my little addiction. I could own only few pairs of shoes and one bag but I cannot resist to buy a new outwear piece. While it's not the most photogenic jacket, I'm afraid, I know that it'll become one of the most worn ones. It's so cosy and warm and goes well with so many things. And there is one in white which I also really like...

coat - topshop, shirt, skirt - monki, bag, shoes - asos;


You've probably noticed my more frequent appearance on the blog recently. There are some big changes coming in my life, which makes me very excited and full of energy. One of my little dreams will come true soon and I will be finally moving closer to central London. I currently live in the suburbs of the city and it takes me so much time to get to the centre, it is actually longer than arriving from Brighton (I checked that very carefully :-)).

coat, jumper - topshop; skirt - monki; shoes - asos;

photos by Sernik


jacket, boots - topshop, skirt - river island, shirt - vintage (urban outfiters); chain, bag - asos;