Merry Christmas! :-)

coat - asos, blouse - boho, skirt - topshop, shoes - monki;



coat - primark, bag, dress - asos, shoes - topshop;


ASOS Christmas Party

If you have been visiting my blog for a while you probably know that ASOS is one of my favourite brands therefore I couldn't say no to the invite I received at the beginning of last week and didn't appear at ASOS Christmas Party. It was held in a beautiful Mondrian hotel with stunning view on the Thames. We were introduced to the best of ASOS Christmas gifting and beauty offerings but to be honest not many of the presented products were new to me as most of them had already been in my saved list!

ASOS have come with amazing nightwear this year. I don't remember when I was actually so excited about pyjamas and gowns as I am this year. Lots of lovely prints and patterns. Cuteness level - MASTER! Oh, and I was also given a chance of customizing socks which you could probably seen on my Instagram if you already follow me there! 

Big thanks to Chelsea for lending me her camera. It becomes a sort of tradition that I always forget to take the most important things with me. 



It may not be the most chic outfit, in fact, I know I look a bit like a teddy bear, but it's so snuggly and comfy that I already know that I might live in this parka this winter.

parka, shirt, shoes - monki, bag - asos, skirt - topshop;



coat, shoes - monki, topscarf - asos (esprit), bag, skirt - topshop;


My Christmas Wishlist

I'm sharing with you a few things that have recently caught my eye on ASOS (which btw I think I'm addicted to). This time of the year is definitely my favourite one when it comes to fashion and shopping and I've noticed that I tend to spend quite a lot of time window shopping and browsing on the internet. It just seems like all this snuggly, cosy, sparkly, novelty and Christmassy stuff is just my thing.



jacket, bag - topshop, scarf - missguided, skirt - monki, shoes - asos;



coat, shirt - monki, bag - paulina schaedel, shoes - desire clothing, jeans - topshop;



jacket, boots - missguided, skirt, bag - asos, shirt - monki, hat - vintage;



coat - lavish alice, bag - urban outfitters, boots - asos, shirt, jeans - h&m;



Hello Everyone! I am SUPER excited about autumn this year. In fact, I've already started dressing a bit warmer since it matches my mood and often taking off the layers of clothes a few hours later after I feel too hot. ;-) I can't get enough of duster coats. This one from Asos was a real bargain so I couldn't not buy it. Hope you like it. xx

coat, bag - asos, boots - missguided, shirt - h&m, skirt - topshop;