The first spring outfit this year and the first blossoms on the trees. Yesterday I could smell spring in the air. The weather today was miserable and windy.... AGAIN.

jacket - monki, dress, boots - asos, bag - topshop;



dress, blazer - monki, turban - asos, bag - topshop, shoes - river island;



I have a love-hate relationship with Camden Town. It used to be my favourite place when I was a teenager. The place I could spend most of my pocket money to buy some funky/unique/vintage/weird clothes. But nowadays I don't go there as often. The crowd of people is sometimes a bit overwhelming but once you get used to that you can enjoy its markets, shops and incredible food (lots of vegetarian and vegan food). 

I am wearing my newest favourite purchase - River Island coat that I'd been wanting for a while and finally managed to grab when it was on sale and my uplifting scarf from Monki;

Have a lovely week people! :-)

coat - river island, scarf, denim dress - monki, bag - asos, boots - new look;

Stable Market full of antiques, vintage toys, magazines and clothes;

My Village Cafe Bar and its delicious and healthy food;