Hello people! Hope you are fine! I have been such a busy bee recently, just working and waiting for Sundays to come by. Then we leave the house as soon as possible and we go to explore the city. It's not really important where we go, the plan is just to have fun, rest a lot and recharge batteries for the next week. Fortunately, the weather has favoured us lately and most of the weekends have been nice and warm so this week the plan has been accomplished!

Have a nice week! :)

jacket - asos, tee - adidas, skirt - topshop, bag - Paulina Schaedel, boots - new look;



denim jacket - topshop, shirt - asos, skirt - monki, shoes - new look, bag - paulinaschaedel;



Finally moved house and slowly going back to "normal" life. PHEW. One of the most stressful transitions is already behind me. I remember reading somewhere that in terms of life stresses moving house ranks as one of the most stressful things you can do. Someone wrote the truth, IT IS. Especially for those kind of change-allergic people like we are. All these packing, credit checks, deposits, phones, lack of internet connection and insecurities...

But we happily moved house and I like everything about the new place.

jacket - zara, skirt - monki, bag, shirt, shoes - asos;