insta mix # part 9

1. perfect breakfast, a bagel and my favourite salad  (wild rocket, cherry plum tomatoes, olives, walnuts and tofu; 2. ootd; 3. NIKE ROSCHE RUN, one of the most comfortable shoes I have ever had; 4. Camden Town;

Among all social networks, Instagram is the one which I use the most often so come and visit me over there if you want to see what I like, watch, read, eat or just what I am up to these days! :)

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5. London Bridge; 6. High Street Kensington - I truly LOVE London architecture; 7. Norwegian Wood by Murakami - another book added to my favourites list; 8. Girls - got completely addicted to this TV series;

9. Trafalgar Square; 10. just another random picture of me 11. some goodies from Monki; 12. amazing highlighter from the Balm;

13. new things in my makeup bag - love the CC cream from GOSH; 14. me doing typical thing while waiting for a movie; 15. my little loves; 16. scrumptious Thai salad;

26 komentarzy:

  1. Love all these pics, I am obsessed with instagram to! Just followed you on there :-)


  2. Świetny mix:) Też jestem straszną kociarką (czy to słowo w ogóle istnieje?):) Pozdrawiam:)

    1. ja znam wersje kociara, ale Twoja tez mi sie bardzo podoba :) dziekuje i pozdrawiam!

  3. Nr 6 jest na moim blogasku , idento:> #tesknota ! I też jestem uzależniona od Girls ^^

  4. I love picture number 10 - you look fab, the hat really suits you!



  5. Some great pictures, I love healthy food!


  6. świetne zdjęcia!

    ps. a u mnie ? FLORAL na blogu, zapraszam! :)

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