Goedemorgen! Please, excuse my poor appearance and not the chicest look. The pictures were taken after about ten hours of sightseeing in the constant rain. Tulips, canals, coffee shops, cyclists, bikes, bikes, cyclists this is what was coming to my mind when I heard a word 'Amsterdam' but why, oh why I didn't know that it is also Europe's 4th rainiest city. I would take some hoodies, a raincoat and I wouldn't have to spend half of my money on doubtful quality umbrellas (yeah, it's pretty windy too). But ok, that's the only drawback I can find. I completely fell in love in the city (I feel like I repeat the same words after all my journeys). Frankly speaking, I didn't expect it to be so beautiful. The architecture is outstanding, full of old building with decorative gables reaching for the sky in a variety of shapes. Dutch people are so kind and speak English so well. The food is reasonably priced and full of vegan options. There are lots of little, narrow streets with many little vintage shops, organic shops. And probably lots more that I can't think of now because I am too excited. So if you have ever thought of visiting Amsterdam, just pack yourself now, today, tomorrow and GO because I couldn't recommend it more! :-)

coat, trousers - monki, top - asos, shoes - nike, bag - no name;

24 komentarze:

  1. Ekhm, namówiłaś mnie :-)

  2. Amsterdam is such a beautiful city! You look stunning, love the combo!


  3. świetne zdjęcia byłam parę razy w Amsterdamie,ale niestety tylko przejazdem następnym razem zatrzymam się na dłużej;)namówiłaś mnie;)a co do Twojego wyglądu.Wyglądasz jak zawszę super zapewne nawet po 24 godzinach spędzonych nie ważne gdzie i w jakich warunkach pogodowych wyglądałabyś świetnie też:)pozdrawiam

  4. aż chce się tam znaleźć! Cudownie wyglądasz:)

  5. ten płaszcz... płaczę. aaa, marzę o czymś takim od dawnadawna. świetny styl, świetny blog, będę zaglądać. ;)

  6. w każdym miejscu na świecie wyglądasz bosko :):) Amsterdam piękny, uwielbiam tego bloga!

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