insta mix # part 10

1. lazy, comfy Sunday, wearing ASOS sunnies and Topshop sweatshirt; 2. Ms Cupcake, Brixton; 3. Diego on Boardthing cruiser; 4. Riennahera and me enjoying a happy hour at Soho;

1. stunning Canary Wharf; 2. ootd, wearing Desire Clothing tropical blazer; 3. my new discovery - Blue17 vintage shop, Holloway Road; 4. Lush treats;

1. blueberry cupcakes based on Nissiax83 recipe; 2. ASOS flatforms; 3. lotd, wearing BOHO hoodie; 4. little food obsession - cress;

1. lotd, wearing ASOS bag and blouse; 2. yummy pizza in Pizza Express; 3. inSpiral Lounge - favourite cafe in Camden Town; 4. beautiful Notting Hill;

Amsterdam memories: 1. and its canals; 2. Maoz Falafel - the best falafel I've ever eaten; 3. sightseeing; 4. chips with peanut sauce? Yum!;




shirt - Front Row, tee - h&m, jeans, bag - topshop, shoes - asos;



June is never an easy month for me when it comes to money. I usually work less and save all the money for a holiday. Therefore, this month I decided to challenge myself and limit my hunts for clothes to vintage and charity shops only. So far the plan works pretty well. I managed to find some unique pieces which didn't ruin my bank account at the same time. I was also lucky enough to receive some lovely vintage pieces from CatCalledEsteban. They run a vintage shop currently selling on eBay with a focus on grungy styles and strong patterns. You will love their stuff if you are into 90s as much as I am! :-)

coat - monki, playsuit - cat called esteban (vintage), shoes - topshop, bag - asos;



OK... well, I think you can probably easily guess that I am into midi skirts right now. This one I found in a local charity shop for three pounds so I couldn't just leave it there on its own and not take it home with me. Especially that it's in one of my favourite colours!

jacket,bag - topshop, tee - illustrated people, skirt - sh, boots - new look;



biker jacket - jovonnista (topshop), skirt, boots - topshop, bag - paulina schaedel;