25 Facts About Me

I rarely write something here but since there has recently been another blog anniversary (6 years!!) I thought it's a good time to introduce myself a little bit better.

1. I always check if there are any spiders in my shoes before I put them on.

2. I am 28.

3. I originally come from Czestochowa in Poland. I have been living in London for nearly 9 years. I love this city and I don't have plans to move away any time soon.

4. I have been a vegan for two years now; before that I was a vegetarian since the age of 13. I never really liked meat.

5. One of my passions and hobbies is painting.

6. I have major concentration problems. I cannot really focus on one thing for a long time, for example while writing this post, I have already been distracted a few times, checking mails, other websites. 

7. I love watching Friends. It's actually sad how much of my life I have spent watching it. It really uplifts me and makes me laugh. Even when I watch the same scene for the twentieth time.

8. When I am sleepy I get really grumpy.

9. I have one small tattoo. I did it when I was 13.

10. I would love to go to Japan. It's right at the top of my wish list. I love Japanese culture, literature, movies etc.

11. I don't know if I will ever go to Tokyo because I don't like flying. It's not a risk of crashing that puts me off, rather being closed in a little tube for so many hours without option of leaving it even for a second.

12. I very easily get excited, even about small things.

13. I have a strong sense of humor. Not to everyone's taste and not everyone understands it.

14. I am 173cm tall and yes, I am aware of the fact that I look much shorter in the pictures.

15. I love reading books. Murakami is my favourite author.

16. I love listening to running water. It calms me down.

17. I think I am an ambivert. I am quite shy when I meet people for the first time (especially when I need to encounter bigger groups and I am on my own). But once I get to know them a little bit better my extrovert side is revealed.

18. I love veggies, rocket salad, tomatoes, kale, cauliflower, radishes to mention just a few :p If I had to choose only one group of food I would have to eat for the rest of my life it would be them.

19. I am addicted to Instagram. 

20. If I like a particular song I can listen to it on repeat over and over again for a really long time.

21. I am scared of bees, wasps. When I was about 10 I got stung in my neck which started swelling. I couldn't breathe and ended up at emergency in hospital.

22. I am a typical cancer. I think too much I over-analyze everything. I am very sensitive, intuitive and empathetic.

23. I secretly enjoy watching Deal or No Deal game show. It even makes me emotional when I watch how supportive the contestants are for each other and listen to sad stories of the participants. 

24. I started blogging in 2009 and then, after two years, stopped for a while. When I decided to start doing it again I was so embarrassed by my old photos that I decided to delete all the content. Now I regretted it a bit. We could all have good laugh at some of them.

25. I am terrible at learning languages. I started learning English when I was 7 so over twenty years ago and it is still far from perfect and I still make lots of mistakes so please, excuse me if you find any above! :-)

22 komentarze:

  1. Thanks for sharing! It made my waiting for a dentist appointment much nicer :-) I could copy about 20 points to my own list! Japan, yes please. And finally someone with a similar height to me!
    Miło Cię chociaż troszkę poznać :-)

  2. Such a great idea for a post! Love it and learnt a lot about you.
    I also (of course), absolutely adore your look, yellow seriously seriously suits you! x

  3. if I hear or read once again sth wrong about your English.... ;) You look stunning as aways. I love that dress mucho mucho <3

  4. number 13 is so me :)

  5. Bardzo przyjemnie czyta się Twój angielski, nie jest prosto, ale też nie za bardzo skomplikowanie, więc myślę, że jednak masz zdolność językową ;)
    Co do pająków - mam tak samo, gdy zakładam buty, których jakiś czas nie nosiłam <3 I wałkowanie tej samej piosenki aż do znudzenia - potem mi smutno, że przestałam ją lubić przez zbyt dużą ilość odsłuchań :D

  6. świetny pomysł na post, ja też męczę piosenkę przez długi czas :)

  7. I relate to so many of these! Great post!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

  8. Ja też kocham malować, a "Przyjaciele" to zdecydowanie jeden z moich ulubionych seriali!
    Już po samym tekście można wnioskować, że jesteś wyjątkową osobowością, a zdjęcia i Twoja stylizacja wzmagają ten efekt! ;)

    Mój blog- ultradefenceless

    You look so young OMG!

  10. Love everything you’re wearing – and I love those extra photos!

  11. Hej! Czy Twój email jest aktualny? Sprawdź skrzynkę:) pozdrawiam

  12. I loved reading this post. I wanna do a similar post on my blog. I've been since 2009 as well.
    Ps: I love your style =)


  13. Hahahaha I am so embarassed as well by some of my posts ! I turned them into draft because I did not want to delete them. I plan to turn more into draft while posting less shameful posts ha !



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