Isn't that ironic that I have just mentioned I am not that into fashion anymore and today I am taking you with me for a little trip to a pretty show room where SS16 Black PR Press Day was held? But AGAIN, there were three good reasons why I decided to go. Firstly, an email, with the invite I received, sounded promising and interesting. Secondly, it was a great opportunity for Aga and I to have both some "me time" and a proper girls' date. Last but not least to get some FREE popcorn. I do not regret my decision AT ALL. I saw many pretty things, drank a lovely yet mysterious drink and had a great time with a friend.

. When it comes to the presentation, I fell in love with Victoria Irving (minimalist elegance with a creative touch) and Beau Homme (contemporary and aesthetic menswear) collections. And jewellery, ohhh JEWELLERY... Mirabelle (beautiful crystal stones pendants, talismans, lots of gold and vintage style jewellery) and Only Child (stunning, eye-catching statement pieces) instantly stole my heart and swept me off my feet. I could take nearly each single piece back home with me.

photos of me were taken by Niesia25
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Animal Instinct

Yes, I know, I haven't been here for a while but wait I have a few good excuses for that.

1. When I was starting the blog (over 6 years ago!!! ), the plan was to keep it fashion related but you know what, although I still love pretty clothes, it's time to admit I am not into fashion as much as I used to.

2. I wear the same clothes all the time. Yes, I still wash them.

3. I haven't been buying lots of new clothes lately, even the ones I am wearing in this post has been with me for a while now and if you follow me on Instagram - THIS IS a shameless advert of my instagram account - I am sure, you've already seen them.The coat, for example, is over 3 year old and I still love it. But I still spend much, too much time on Asos, scrolling through the pretty pictures of the even more pretty coats etc. I LOVE AUTUMN FASHION!

4. I am getting old. That's a fact. I am 29 and I started spending more money on a pretty home decor stuff.

5. I am getting old. That's a fact. I am 29 and unfortunately anti-ageing creams don't cost as much as the ones I used to use when I was a teenager. THIS MEANS LESS MONEY ON CLOTHES.

6. It's the time of the year when the things, I love to do the most, are snuggling with my cats and reading books. So, if I don't have to work, I find it difficult to leave the bed.

7. I dropped one of my camera lenses. Now, if someone wants to take picture of me, needs to step backwards 20 meters.

But I am still going to blog, hopefully even more often. Sometimes maybe about different things... just thinking out loud.

And I really wanted to upload these pictures, because I often get comments that I am a person of one face expression. Look, I can pull at least four! :)

Have a lovely evening guys!

coat, jeans, jumper - asos, bag - matt and nat, shoes - superga;