I am pregnant!

I feel like I often start a post this way but again, if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you probably already know that me and Daniel are expecting our first baby in December. Writing this post I am almost 14 weeks pregnant and still constantly feeling like a ship on a choppy sea. I cannot wait to meet this little rascal to let him/her know what I think of that behaviour. 

I think we can also blame the baby for my recent absence. I've been experiencing all possible symptoms of pregnancy you can google, including pretty severe sickness and drowsiness. 

Not really surprisingly, I guess, the pregnancy hast taken over my whole life, my thoughts and body and although I have already had three scans and had a chance to see the little wriggly one and listen to his/her heartbeat, it's still so surreal and hard to believe that we did it, especially we'd been trying for a while. We feel so blessed and happy!

Lastly, I am so thankful for all the comments and messages I received after announcing the pregnancy on my social media. You cannot imagine how much they all mean to me and I still remember the little moment of the announcement when I couldn't focus on working, continuously scrolling through all my accounts and pages instead. Thank you guys so much! 

ps. please excuse my serious face in the pictures, that was one of the difficult days I am writing about above. :p

photos by Agata Kozak



I am alive! :)  Stopping by today just to say a quick hello. Life has been pretty hectic lately and there are so many things going on... But let's start from the beginning...

photographs taken by Agata Kozak



Hi guys! Please let me introduce you to our new family member, Hollie. She is two years old and she comes from Romania. You might think she is a Royal corgi and I have to tell you I secretly think the same although she also reminds me a bit of a fox too. We've had her for over three weeks now and we have all completely fallen in love with her (ok, maybe except Lolek) .

She is a lovely dog, very good with cats and other dogs, very obedient and obsessed about going out and playing in our local parks. She also loves to roll, that's how she shows her excitement and happiness.

She limps a bit as she was hit by a car in the past and she is wary of some men, probably due to being mistreated in the past and terrible conditions in majority of Romanian kill shelters. I've read plenty of articles and talked to a few organisations telling me that the dogs are being starved to the point that it's not uncommon that bigger dogs eat the smaller ones. The cages are overcrowded with unhealthy dogs, samples of blood and excrement on the floor. There are also regular incidents of illegal killing stray dogs. Sounds terrible, doesn't it? :(

Fortunately, there are many ways you can help. There is this awesome organisation called Beacon Animal Rescue Centre that voluntarily helps dogs from countries like Thailand, Romania, Greece etc.

The most amazing thing you can do is to give one of these dogs a forever home. As you might know I have two cats myself and I was afraid that it will take ages before they will all get along but it's been only three weeks and they've started accepting each other. I find them sometimes sleeping in one bed but in different corners.

You can also foster, donate (each penny goes to animals), fund-raise, encourage other people to adopt, share awareness and that's only few of the ideas.

Having dog is an amazing experience. It's nearly as amazing as having cats. ;) All of a sudden you have so many friends. You have a good reason to get up early and walk in the park and chat with strangers. People smile at you, you just walk by and greet all other owners, sometimes to realise that a person who just passed you didn't even walk a dog. It's such a great opportunity to socialise more, to be more active and nothing beats the mornings when you are being woken up by a sloppy tongue and wagging tail.

If you'd like to donate via paypal: info@barc.uk.com


Airbnb Adventure // My Perfect Flat

Hi Guys! :) If you follow me on my social media you probably know I went to Edinburgh last weekend. I've completely fallen in love with the city and have many thoughts and pictures to share with you but let's start with the place we stayed in.

It was my second experience with airbnb and it was a perfect choice - again. The flat was neat and tidy, reasonably priced, exactly as described and the owners were lovely and took their time to recommend places, restaurant and things to see and gave us some great suggestions.

This is a link to the place: https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/2168168

And this is a link you could use, while booking, so that I could earn some money for my next adventure: www.airbnb.co.uk/c/annas52?s=8 :)

Moving back to the flat. None of the places have ever inspired me as much as this one. I always had some silly rules in my head, you need to follow when arranging an apartment.

So this is what I've learnt:

- Yup. You can mix white furniture with brown and black in the same room and it can still look awesome.

- Mirrors are cool. Mirrors everywhere. The more mirrors the better. One mirror in the room is not enough.

- A chipped mug? A broken accessory? Don't throw it away. It still looks nice and it tells some story.

- Again, you might never have too many blankets... and cushions... and pillows. It makes the place even cosier.

- Plants, plants everywhere.

- Your own art, a picture drew by your niece or hand made things look great even if you don't really get them or you wonder whether they are ugly or not.

- Mix old things with new things. It's a total mish-mash but again it looks cool and it shows your personality.



Bikes, tattoos and yoga

Hello everyone. How have you been?

February has treated me really well. I've cut my hair and finally enrolled for yoga classes (and bought this tee to celebrate it). I got a lovely city bike which is my early birthday present from my dad and I've been cycling like craaazy since then. I also managed to reduce my expenses and saved some money to do my second tattoo (you can find it on my instagram account).

The tatoo was done in Fifth Dimension Tattoo which is London's Premier and only vegan studio. I am really happy with the service (my tattoo was done by Miran) and the final outcome therefore I really recommend this place and I am sure I will be back there soon.

March is going to be even more excited. I am going to Edinburgh, my mum is coming over to stay with us for awhile and I've got so many things planned. And the spring is coming. Have you seen all these trees and flowers starting to bloom?

The pictures were taken by talented Agata Kozak from Always More Photography.


Random Things and Thoughts

Apparently, some very smart scientists proved that January is the worst possible month to fulfill New Year's resolutions. Most of us is skint after the holiday and feel exhausted after all the fun and fuss of December so we are more likely to fail. Also, I've found out that there are around three hours of sunshine each day in London in January, a figure that varies according to how dense the cloud is on each day and this month HAS BEEN VERY CLOUDY...\therefore I blame a lack of vitamin D for all the lows and blues I experienced during last 31 days. So as you can see, there is no need to worry, if you feel like me, that you haven't accomplished a lot this month. We had lots of EXCUSES and the new beginning is just round the corner.

wearing Asos coat, jumper, Topshop skirt, shoes and Paulina Schaedel bag;


Daunt Books

AND THIS IS WHAT I CALL A REAL GEM - Daunt Books. It seems like I am the last one who discovered this bookshop but I've completely fallen in love with this place and within one week I've already been  here three times.

The first thing that attracts me the most, is the main concept. Books are arranged geographically. Shelves are filled not only with guides but also travel writing, history and fiction books grouped by their relevant country. This year I'm planning to visit Scotland and Scandinavia and I love reading books that are based in the region I am going to see soon. Of course, I wouldn't have been myself if I hadn't gone straight to Polish section as well. I wasn't aware how many Polish authors were translated into English!

Secondly, the bookshop's interior looks amazing! The Marylebone High Street branch is housed in a former Edwardian bookshop with long oak galleries and William Morris prints. It was originally built as an antiquarian bookshop called Francis Edwards (thanks Wikipedia).

Last but not least, the people working there are very nice, helpful and have a great knowledge. 

I am wearing my favourite coat. I've been repeating it to everyone, but I think it's one of my best purchases in years. I love how it fits me, the unique colour and its huge collar. It has this vintage feeling so I like to wear it with my trainers to make the whole outfit a bit more modern.

coat, jumper, jeans - asos, bag - matt&natt, shoes - nike;