My Five Little Goals

I am a huge fan of New Year's resolutions, big dreams, saying your dreams out loud, throwing them out into the universe. What's more, I think I've been pretty good in fulfilling them so far. Pulling myself out of comfort zone and my house, travelling, drinking more water, joining the gym and actually going to the gym, cutting down on sugar, getting rid of a TV, to mention just a few. Of course, I failed at accomplishing so many of them too but resolutions that never change are to be not that harsh on myself, don't bother too much if I fail, just don't give up and keep on. I know it's banal, sorry.

I am that kind of person who always falls over entering an interview room or spills coffee on myself and everyone around so I nearly accepted failures as a part of my persona. 

Ok, here they are. My five little goals.

1. Enroll for yoga classes. So far, I've been secretly perfecting very complicated asanas like Savasana at home, often with Adriene, my favourite yoga youtuber. Now it's time to show what I've learnt to the rest of the world. The truth of course is, I have no idea whether I've been doing them correctly, and I would love to find someone to supervise and lead me further.

2. Stop wasting time. Stop wasting time on thinking too much about the past, about things I could have done better etc. Stop wasting time on watching silly things on youtube (10 minutes a day watching cat videos is ok), scrolling instagram and facebook up and down, on repeat. Stop wasting time on people I don't feel comfortable with, focus on the most important ones, instead.

3. Become a better organized person. It can be linked to the one above but I also want to become more productive, start doing things ahead of the due date and not only buy pretty planners but also actually start using them.

4. Control my expenses. At the end of 2015 I finally got rid of my credit card. I found it much easier to buy and pay for new things, especially clothes using the card, than paying in cash. I was buying too much. Too many things I didn't even needed. Silly me. The card is gone.

5. Speak less, listen more. 


18 komentarzy:

  1. Wspaniała torebka! Można wiedzieć, skąd? Ja z Paryża przywiozłam podobną w kształcie brązowego jamnika, znalazłam ją w sklepie o nazwie Chopin. :D
    Wszystkiego dobrego w Nowym Roku!

    1. z The WhitePepper, ale niestety juz chyba jest niedostepna :( jejku, my uwielbiamy jamniki, chce taka torebke! :) dlaczego jak bylam w sierpniu w Paryzu nie znalazlam Szopena? :D wzajemnie!! xx

  2. Already told ya today that you look so pretty (as always); therefore should I mention that you are one of the most clever girls I've ever met, huh? Needless to say I don't know too many super clever people :* :* :*

  3. Oh wowzers! That bag is incredible, such a cool piece! x


  4. Torebka taka urocza! Od dawna zaglądam na Twojego bloga i ogromnie ucieszyła mnie Twoja obecność na youtube, postanowiłam się w końcu odezwać i Ci podziękować za Twoją obecność w internetach :) A ostatnie postanowienie sama muszę koniecznie zrealizować... ;) Pozdrawiam i pięknego 2016!

  5. Lepsza organizacja i nie marnowanie czasu też są na mojej liście:) Powodzenia!

  6. Love your dinosaur bag! Best of luck in 2016!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

  7. This dino bag is so cute !



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