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Apparently, some very smart scientists proved that January is the worst possible month to fulfill New Year's resolutions. Most of us is skint after the holiday and feel exhausted after all the fun and fuss of December so we are more likely to fail. Also, I've found out that there are around three hours of sunshine each day in London in January, a figure that varies according to how dense the cloud is on each day and this month HAS BEEN VERY CLOUDY...\therefore I blame a lack of vitamin D for all the lows and blues I experienced during last 31 days. So as you can see, there is no need to worry, if you feel like me, that you haven't accomplished a lot this month. We had lots of EXCUSES and the new beginning is just round the corner.

wearing Asos coat, jumper, Topshop skirt, shoes and Paulina Schaedel bag;

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  1. Płaszcz i buty Boskie! pozdrawiam Karolina

  2. This is super super cute! I love your coat x


  3. Ha, a mi nawet idzie z tymi postanowieniami! Ale to może dlatego, że były dokładnie przemyślane i podjęte pod koniec listopada :) Pięknie Ci w tych kolorach :)

  4. That coat looks so cosy! I love the fur trim.

    Rachel | www.currentlyrachel.com

  5. Beautiful outfit, I'm obsessed with this coat, it goes so well with the skirt and leo shoes ! I love all those red, rust tones <33
    You're so right about january, that's why I never do list of resolutions I never did, if I want to make a change, then I'll do it, even in August :D Happy 2016 !


  6. Witaj Aniu,

    chcialam Tobie powiedziec, jak bardzo mi sie podobal Twoj vlog z Saatchi Gallery! Bardzo mi umilil dzien i ciesze sie, do rozpoczelas kanal na YT i dzielis sie Twoim Londynem :) Z wielka checia ogladam Twoje filmy i robie notatki. Jak kiedys trafie do Londynu, to bede miala liste, co zobaczyc!!

    Serdecznie pozdrawiam

    1. Bardzo mi milo! Dziekuje! :-) uwielbiam tworzyc listy! :-)

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