Bikes, tattoos and yoga

Hello everyone. How have you been?

February has treated me really well. I've cut my hair and finally enrolled for yoga classes (and bought this tee to celebrate it). I got a lovely city bike which is my early birthday present from my dad and I've been cycling like craaazy since then. I also managed to reduce my expenses and saved some money to do my second tattoo (you can find it on my instagram account).

The tatoo was done in Fifth Dimension Tattoo which is London's Premier and only vegan studio. I am really happy with the service (my tattoo was done by Miran) and the final outcome therefore I really recommend this place and I am sure I will be back there soon.

March is going to be even more excited. I am going to Edinburgh, my mum is coming over to stay with us for awhile and I've got so many things planned. And the spring is coming. Have you seen all these trees and flowers starting to bloom?

The pictures were taken by talented Agata Kozak from Always More Photography.