Hi guys! Please let me introduce you to our new family member, Hollie. She is two years old and she comes from Romania. You might think she is a Royal corgi and I have to tell you I secretly think the same although she also reminds me a bit of a fox too. We've had her for over three weeks now and we have all completely fallen in love with her (ok, maybe except Lolek) .

She is a lovely dog, very good with cats and other dogs, very obedient and obsessed about going out and playing in our local parks. She also loves to roll, that's how she shows her excitement and happiness.

She limps a bit as she was hit by a car in the past and she is wary of some men, probably due to being mistreated in the past and terrible conditions in majority of Romanian kill shelters. I've read plenty of articles and talked to a few organisations telling me that the dogs are being starved to the point that it's not uncommon that bigger dogs eat the smaller ones. The cages are overcrowded with unhealthy dogs, samples of blood and excrement on the floor. There are also regular incidents of illegal killing stray dogs. Sounds terrible, doesn't it? :(

Fortunately, there are many ways you can help. There is this awesome organisation called Beacon Animal Rescue Centre that voluntarily helps dogs from countries like Thailand, Romania, Greece etc.

The most amazing thing you can do is to give one of these dogs a forever home. As you might know I have two cats myself and I was afraid that it will take ages before they will all get along but it's been only three weeks and they've started accepting each other. I find them sometimes sleeping in one bed but in different corners.

You can also foster, donate (each penny goes to animals), fund-raise, encourage other people to adopt, share awareness and that's only few of the ideas.

Having dog is an amazing experience. It's nearly as amazing as having cats. ;) All of a sudden you have so many friends. You have a good reason to get up early and walk in the park and chat with strangers. People smile at you, you just walk by and greet all other owners, sometimes to realise that a person who just passed you didn't even walk a dog. It's such a great opportunity to socialise more, to be more active and nothing beats the mornings when you are being woken up by a sloppy tongue and wagging tail.

If you'd like to donate via paypal: info@barc.uk.com


Airbnb Adventure // My Perfect Flat

Hi Guys! :) If you follow me on my social media you probably know I went to Edinburgh last weekend. I've completely fallen in love with the city and have many thoughts and pictures to share with you but let's start with the place we stayed in.

It was my second experience with airbnb and it was a perfect choice - again. The flat was neat and tidy, reasonably priced, exactly as described and the owners were lovely and took their time to recommend places, restaurant and things to see and gave us some great suggestions.

This is a link to the place: https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/2168168

And this is a link you could use, while booking, so that I could earn some money for my next adventure: www.airbnb.co.uk/c/annas52?s=8 :)

Moving back to the flat. None of the places have ever inspired me as much as this one. I always had some silly rules in my head, you need to follow when arranging an apartment.

So this is what I've learnt:

- Yup. You can mix white furniture with brown and black in the same room and it can still look awesome.

- Mirrors are cool. Mirrors everywhere. The more mirrors the better. One mirror in the room is not enough.

- A chipped mug? A broken accessory? Don't throw it away. It still looks nice and it tells some story.

- Again, you might never have too many blankets... and cushions... and pillows. It makes the place even cosier.

- Plants, plants everywhere.

- Your own art, a picture drew by your niece or hand made things look great even if you don't really get them or you wonder whether they are ugly or not.

- Mix old things with new things. It's a total mish-mash but again it looks cool and it shows your personality.