I am pregnant!

I feel like I often start a post this way but again, if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you probably already know that me and Daniel are expecting our first baby in December. Writing this post I am almost 14 weeks pregnant and still constantly feeling like a ship on a choppy sea. I cannot wait to meet this little rascal to let him/her know what I think of that behaviour. 

I think we can also blame the baby for my recent absence. I've been experiencing all possible symptoms of pregnancy you can google, including pretty severe sickness and drowsiness. 

Not really surprisingly, I guess, the pregnancy hast taken over my whole life, my thoughts and body and although I have already had three scans and had a chance to see the little wriggly one and listen to his/her heartbeat, it's still so surreal and hard to believe that we did it, especially we'd been trying for a while. We feel so blessed and happy!

Lastly, I am so thankful for all the comments and messages I received after announcing the pregnancy on my social media. You cannot imagine how much they all mean to me and I still remember the little moment of the announcement when I couldn't focus on working, continuously scrolling through all my accounts and pages instead. Thank you guys so much! 

ps. please excuse my serious face in the pictures, that was one of the difficult days I am writing about above. :p

photos by Agata Kozak

13 komentarzy:

  1. Very happy for you, congrats! <3 Nice and stylish outfit. ;)


  2. Fabulous news! Congrats <3. Also elegant look!

  3. Gratulowałam już na insta, ale powiem to jeszcze raz - wielkie gratulacje! Obyś lepiej się czuła przez resztę ciąży i byście oboje byli zdrowi :) .


  4. Przeczaderski klimat zdjęć! :) pięknie!

    I oczywiście ogromne gratulacje :)🎆

  5. I love them all! ♥ you're so gorgeous!


  6. Zdrowego dzieciaczka życzę :)

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  8. Na pierwszy rzut oka nie powiedziałbym że jesteś w ciąży :) Stylowy płaszczyk :)