Hey Guys! I would love to introduce you to someone! It's Filip, my seven-month-old son. It's been ages since my last post here, over a year to be exact and I have been really missing blogging so I thought I might give you a little update. :-)

We are doing very well. I am really enjoying being a mum and he is such a bundle of joy and energy.
I am incredibly lucky to work from home now and get to watch him grow up. 

The beginnings were pretty difficult and it took us a while to find our routine, but once it did, everything seems to be much easier and I even find time to follow my hobbies.

If you want to see more of us, please follow me on MY INSTAGRAM as I am there more often.

The beautiful photos were taken by Agata Kozak (ALWAYS MORE PHOTOGRAPHY)

13 komentarzy:

  1. No nie wierze kto wrocil na bloga :D mega slodziaki ! xx magda

  2. Świetny zestaw :) Super zdjęcia :) Zainteresowały mnie twoje buciki :) Skąd je masz ? :) Zakładasz je bez skarpetek ?

    1. dziekuje! :) buty sa z asosa, ale kupilam je juz kilka miesiecy temu i moga byc juz niedostepne :( tak, czasami nosze je bez skarpetek :))

    2. Super :) Dziękuję za odpowiedź :) To jedyne buciki które zakładasz bez skarpetek ? Ktore polecasz jeszcze bez nich nosić ? Pytam bo jestem totalną przeciwniczką ich noszenia :)

  3. Aniu czym się zajmujesz w Londynie? Pozdrawiam!

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